The anatomy of the future

Like grasping a mist, you can only get so much of what comes but never the whole.

In our journey in this world, we are like blindfolded men in a vast blank plane, with our arms extended, tapping the empty air for a sense of direction, impatient to gain certainty, or a wall to reach an end.

One can plan on how he takes his steps. He can tell himself stories to convince himself that he’s taking the best path and feel comfortable with his way to live through the unforeseeable.

Each of is a path blindly taken. You might be okay with the path that you’re blindly taking right now, or you can doubt and shift paths because you the thought of hitting something that can harm you scared you.

So, your legs may itch and lean across and change direction, but you also fear that the trajectory change could be worse.

Along the way, you might reach a stranger’s hand, get comfortable, and lean yourself on it, or live with it.

Regardless, there is no right way of taking the path. But what a man can’t deny in his blind journey is his heart and will.

Despite the risks and unknowns, you will know a man by how he takes his path. How he confidently steps, blindfolded, grip tight to another or to himself.

In the unknown, as breaths take place and steps are made every day, souls are building abstract paths not supposedly understood, but it’s there and they’re being shaped.

Take the most heartfelt step now.

A man that knows his heart in truth and is not afraid to create his own path will be the bravest and most fulfilled man on his blind journey to death.



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