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I was listening to Taylor Swift’s “Cornelia Street” when, while scrolling through the lyrics, I suddenly thought of the old days.

It’s unusual and weird to think about how certain places and relationships I used to spend time before have now changed.

You might also share moments that, when looking back, you can say time really does pass. The minute after that, only then will you absorb that it’s a universal truth: time is not stopping for anyone.

It can really seem trivial for others but there’s something we need to consciously acknowledge that‘s often not registered deep in our minds: Moments pass away and they don’t return.

When I look back, there are a lot of moments where I wish I held them tighter for as long as I could, only to know that I held them dearly, because at those times, I was locked in a chimera, thinking that they would always be there.

That’s why, if all the moments we’re going to have are soon to pass away, I want to hold them tight for as long as I can hold them dearly.

I want to live in them in the most alive that I can be. Because they’re never coming back. There is no way any moment is ever returning ever. That’s enough reason to want to be present as much as possible.

Time is passing us by and we’re not really realizing it, or we might realize it but more often than not it’s really too late and all you’re left with is pain or amazement about how things already went by.

Many years from now, I might probably be listening to the same masterpiece, but when I think of the old days soon, I want to know that I’m glad I took the time to sit down and listen to “Cornelia Street” one late afternoon, because it made me right this piece, and more importantly, it changed me.

Make moments count. Also, listen to “Cornelia Street”




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