I am your friend – isolation

Frequently, when we’re alone, we primarily think of it negatively. Loneliness is the worst thing there is in life.

You somehow urge to connect with others to feel happy and be contented, but one thing I’ve learned about being alone is that loneliness isn’t as bad as it sounds after all.

Isolating myself sometimes made me realize a lot of things about me: my wants, capabilities, goals, and eventually how God helped me find purpose in this world.

Having witnessed lots of quarrels in my youth inside and out of the house sometimes forces unintended thoughts to cross my mind, and getting away from problematic conflicts by locking myself out to anywhere helps me breathe again.

At first, I thought I was suffering from heart disease due to hyperventilating quickly under these circumstances, so I try to abstain from it. But to transcend that thought, the older I grew, the more time I have had to reflect on that dilemma I always experience.

As it turns out, It’s not the loud shouts that make me feel scared. It’s about the longing for peace and quietness always to surround me wherever I am. Because in that way I can be more aware of my self; I can think, meditate, pray to God and evaluate my self a lot better which I, in simple term, call as “to breathe.” And from that experience, I have learned to manually disconnect myself from the outside world and recharge by spending time with myself. “Isolation” as to how you call it, but it serves as a time of rejuvenation for my weary soul.

Self-time is one of the most valuable lifestyles I’ve had from the traumatic experiences I have gone through; to first believe as a negative, turned out to be my immutable way to centering my self and releasing positivity through my nerves. Significant life decisions have I made through this process and up until now is still helping to bring out the best in me.



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